Wilddancer Evolution


Lots of good songs for social dancing are about cars. Please have a look at our video: Cuda Janet

Lindy Hop Dancer Frankie Manning Would Have Been 102 on May 26 The Lindy Hop was invented by a bunch of dancers at the Savoy ballroom in Harlem, and named after Charles Lindbergh who had just crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Frankie Manning wandered by the Savoy in 1929, and soon became a passionate Lindy dancer and the ambassador for it ... to the extent that he is still worshipped around the world.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy, ... and Swing Dancer Bill Nye's day job is bringing knowledge about science to those of us who are curious enough to pay attention. But at night he changes his outfit and becomes a dancer that lots of women would like to dance with ... because he is a better partner than most everyone except those whose day jobs are teaching dancing.

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